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"Our positive message and the conservative solutions we’ve delivered for some of Louisiana’s biggest challenges are working." - GARRET GRAVES

Historic flood protection

Garret Graves secured federal funding to FINALLY finish the Comite River Diversion and West Shore Levee projects when others couldn't. After being mothballed for decades, these projects are now on a fast-track to completion -- we're going to have the flood protection we deserve.


Garret Graves: "Surprises"

Garret Graves: "Surprises"
Garret Graves: "Surprises"

Garret Graves: "Surprises"

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Garret Graves: Promises

Garret Graves: Promises

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Fixing Stupid

Fixing Stupid

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My Congressman 2

My Congressman 2

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"As a strong conservative, I want confidence that there are people in Congress

fighting for the Constitution and for the brave men and women who risk their lives to protect it.

I believe now that Garret is the fighter we need, and we need to return him to Congress to keep up the good work."

- CAPT Bob Bell (USN, ret.), US Navy Judge Advocate General, retired, and Louisiana conservative leader


“Congressman Graves is the hardest worker in Congress. He makes us proud every day.”

– Clay Young, Clay Young Enterprises


“Garret Graves is getting things done for us that no one else has been able to do.

If you don’t like the job he’s doing, you don’t like success.”

– Livingston Parish Assessor Jeff Taylor


“When people come to me for help with the federal government, I call on Garret Graves. Garret works hard for the people. He’s a friend to me and a friend to Iberville Parish.”

– Iberville Parish President Mitch Ourso


“I’ve known Garret most of my life. He’s got a servant’s heart and a desire to help people. He also shares my strong support for our brave law enforcement community. We need him to keep fighting for us in Congress.”

– Justin Alford, Small Business Owner, Benny’s Car Wash


“Garret has been a friend to the river region since before he first ran for Congress. He’s always around - even when you don’t expect it. Because of his commitment and efforts, we now have full funding for the West Shore hurricane protection levee: the biggest WIN in Parish history, and it will remain so for many years to come. Thanks to the leadership of Congressman Graves, a strong will and determination and outstanding relationships with our partners, this project is coming to fruition after forty years, and our residents will have the flood protection they deserve.”

– Fmr. St. John Parish President Natalie Robottom


“Garret has always demonstrated a desire to work with others to achieve the greater good.

We work together on many efforts to improve the city. He is a great partner and a great friend.”

– East Baton Rouge Metropolitan Council Member Tara Wicker

“Congressman Garret Graves is doing a great job. I’m so proud of him and grateful for his leadership during this time with the myriad of problems facing our country and district. He is absolutely in the right place at the right time."

– Shelley Hendrix, Special Needs Advocate and consultant at Different Beat Consultants

"I will tell you, I never want to lose Garret Graves."

Jr. Shelton, Fmr. Mayor, City of Central


"Garret Understands the people, the industries and the values that make Louisiana tick,

and he's effectively representing them in Congress. He's a proven leader, and we need him up there."

– Paul Danos, Small Business Owner, Danos


"Garret has been my partner in fighting to make the Comite diversion canal become a reality! His tenacity and determination in fighting for the people of Louisiana has been tremendously encouraging. As a strong conservative, and as someone who's own home flooded, I am proud to have a tireless fighter like Garret Graves in Congress. He is truly working for what's important to the people of Louisiana."

– State Representative Valarie Hodges

"Garret's a friend to Louisiana agriculture, farmers and business.

His pro-growth, pro-job creation record is what Louisiana needs in Congress."

- Lester Bergeron, Jr., Co-owner, Bergeron Pecan Shelling Company


“Garret has been a true friend to me.  He has fought hard for me when others couldn’t or wouldn’t.

Following the historic flood, he worked to help us get whole again.  His wife & children even delivered supplies for my deputies when we were round-the-clock. Garret: always there, always helpful.”

- Livingston Parish Sheriff Jason Ard


"Garret Graves has been a friend to Ascension Parish, a friend to law enforcement and a friend to me.

Garret busts his tail everyday to do what's right."

- Fmr. Ascension Parish Sheriff Jeff Wiley

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